She did it. Mel deleted the blog and she deleted her twitter.

I think it was a very important step for her. I mean…her blog was a hide-out and deleting it was hard, I’m sure. But she did it! I’m so happy! Well…I’m not happy about her disappearing completely, no. I’m glad that she did what she wanted to do. That she decided to let go.

On the other hand…*sighs* It’s weird. Not having her around. Not seeing any tweets about How I Met Your Mother or Reaper or Grey’s Anatomy. Not reading about her wishes, her fears, most importantly, her thoughts.

But I’ll be sitting on the front porch and if she decides to open the door and let me in, I’m sure to go and look at her new home.



2 thoughts on “DisAppear.

  1. I wanted to thank you. For … well, for just being there. I was a huge asshole but … I always knew I could count on you anyway.
    And I want you to know I love you. No matter what I said or did … what I will say or do. I really do.

    Oh, and yeah – I’ve got a new blog I guess.
    I’m gonna send you the password so you can read if you want.

    Love and cupcakes.

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