Not Over Just Yet.

Yesterday I had my last therapy session. For this year, anyway.

I decided to take a short break before re-focusing on everything that should be treated, in a way. Or at least talked about. Self-harm. Eating disorders.

Never really talked about it. But it’s time. My body is screaming bloody murder.

Aside from that I was really fucking afraid to say goodbye- for now. I got used to Mrs S being by my side. And I can’t let go just yet; I’ll have to go back. For my sake and others’.

But yeah, I was afraid. The act itself (getting up, putting on my jacket, shaking hands, saying ‘bye’ and leaving) wasn’t so bad actually. But it…I felt weird after. You might have noticed my tweet saying the same thing.

Mhm. I still feel weird, somehow.


In more positive news: I got my digital ticket for MARS300! So excited to be a part of something so new and amazing! It has been an exciting journey. Thanks, boys! ❤





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