Comin’ Home.

So I recently came across a video on YouTube – I don’t know how, but I did – and it hit me. Right in the gut.

It was a video of an US army soldier surprising his kids at school after coming home from deployment.

A moment so magical and heartfelt, it grabbed my heart and squeezed it hard.

Using my blog, I’d like to talk about this for a moment, ’cause this subject really is something close to my heart.


My aunt’s boyfriend’s son recently (well…a few months ago) signed up with the German Bundeswehr. We’re not very close and he is still stationed in Germany, but that could change in a heartbeat – we all know that. Being in active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan…it could also be over in a heartbeat – we know that, too.


I, too, had joining the Bundeswehr in mind. It was actually one of my plans if the school I had wanted to attend hadn’t taken me.

So now you know why it’s so important to me to say thank you. And that’s what I’m going to do right now:

THANK YOU to all those in the military (be it the US military or the German Bundeswehr or the French Armed Forces – not important) who are in active duty, just came home from deployment or have lost their lives.

My heart goes out to those who have a father, mother, son, daughter, sibling, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend they have lost, or who is MIA or even those who hope they’ll never receive that one call.



I will continue to watch those amazing homecoming videos. If you want to have a look at them, too, a great source is “TheBobJohnson1984” on YouTube, as well as !


4 thoughts on “Comin’ Home.

    1. Den letzten Therapie-Termin bei meiner Psychotherapeutin, ja. Bin aber zusätzlich noch bei einem Facharzt für Psychologie und Psychiatrie in Behandlung. 🙂

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