Hello 2012!

2012’s treated me pretty good so far.

Everything’s working out great. I have more time for work and for my studies (though I want to – at least – double the time I get for studying). We had some awesome family-moments – especially loved when we went out for lunch with Grandma (we had Chinese at our favorite place). So YUMMY!

I also visited my BFF at his house. Hadn’t been to his house in…ages. For real. I hadn’t visited him at home for like 3-4 years, minimum. And just now he surprise-visited me. Now I only need to keep it up. Take time for my friends, I mean.

Going to the gym works pretty well, too. Which is good so I can keep up my eating-schedule. Cause eating disorders still suck. Mhm.

Only my sleeping situation was and still is pretty fucked. My dreams are so weird and yet so real(istic). I’m almost always tired. Oh, well.

I also wrote some long-overdue mails and I did other important stuff, too.

Yeah. That has been my 2012 so far.

How is yours?




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