Shitty person to work with?

I am really asking myself if I’m a bad person to work with.

So far 2 betas and 1 author have disappeared on me in the last two years.

The last mail I received from beta #1 was the one telling me I could send her chapters to look over now. We never even had a real conversation going. She disappeared even before I could send her work. E-mails were left unanswered, ff-account became non-existent due to her deleting it.

Beta #2 was such a great girl. So friendly, extremely eager. We always had some kind of communication going whether it was via FF or mail. But now she’s gone. The New Year’s mail I sent came back saying it couldn’t be delivered cause the address didn’t exist. I then went and searched for her account on – also gone.

Author #1 always said I could ask whenever I had a question. Which is what I did. She always tried to answer as fast as she could. It worked out quite well between us. But then one of her books got published and she went ahead and deleted her fictions on Which I could totally understand. I mean…if you’ve got the real thing you maybe don’t want your past somewhere in between. I got that. You can practically find anything on the internet. Possible readers might get a wrong idea of you if they found your fanfiction. But then she also went ahead and deleted her mail-address (the only one I had) and her profile on – without any notice. I mean…a ‘I’m going to delete my account and this address, please use this one instead’ would’ve been enough. So I practically have no way of reaching her now.

And all I can think of is: is everyone fine? Did something happen to all of you?

And: am I the problem? Am I such a shitty person to work with?



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