Missing: friends.

And I don’t mean that (my) friends are missing, no. I mean that I miss my friends.

Mel is always there and I’m very grateful for that. C. is also always there when I like…call for help of something.

But I miss all the others.

I even miss those who I haven’t spoken to in years and who I wouldn’t even call friends anymore. I even miss those I’ve ‘divorced’, so to speak.

And yeah…I am a bit jealous of their social life. I mean…I don’t _facebook_ very often. I’m most of the time just online to check for news on bands and stuff. But when I read all of their posts and…it’s hard, you know. To know that they *have* a social life.

Reading about them talking about school and prom and parties and everything that’s going on right now. It hurts.

I miss doing that. Laughing about jokes we share…talking about school.

I miss everyone so fucking much.


And it gets worse at night. 





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