Regrets – Volume 1.

So I logged in to icq ’cause I kinda wanted to distract myself with some zoopaloola and guess who was online?

Exactly, “Sweetheart”.

I knew I was gonna regret it, but I IM’d him anyway.

We were talking about work and how the get the right job and things like that and we were getting along just fine and then, all of a sudden, he was starting with all this “I’m not good enough” shit again.

So I told him that maybe he should get some help (cause from time to time he suffers from depression and stuff and I had always advised him to get help) before he starts something new.

And then he BLEW ME OFF. Said ‘bye’ and logged off.



I KNEW I was gonna regret it.

That is it.

I have had it up to fucking HERE.

I have a lot of fucking respect for you/my friends and your/their opinion  but that changes the second you don’t respect me or my opinion/advice.

I will take a lot of shit but only up to a certain point. And you mister, have REACHED IT.

Fuck you! For real, just go, FUCK YOURSELF.


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