Demonic Wolves.

The past weeks I have had nightmares about wolves – literally every single night. And I’m like: what the heck? I really don’t know what to think of it. I mean…I always had a very strong connection with the moon, but seriously? I’m not turning into a werewolf, now am I? And these dreams – nightmares – are so freaking graphic. I’m not going into detail right now, but these dreams are so freaky.

But the really weird thing is that yesterday I watched this movie and it had a sequence with like…demon-possessed wolves and I’m like…”yeah, this is really gonna trigger these damn nightmares”. But it didn’t. Not that I remember, anyway.



In other news: I am not better. At all. And now I’m not only fighting _drowning_, I’m also fighting my stomach. ‘Cause my eating disorder decided to fully kick in again. Yay.

Gah. This sucks.



2 thoughts on “Demonic Wolves.

  1. I had to leave a note when I saw this post, I’ve also had really bizarre, graphic dreams/nightmares about wolves, usually when I’m very depressed.

    I don’t know how related it is, but I also had a very brief psychotic episode (2 hours -my bipolar episodes can be quite quick at times) where I suddenly believed I was a werewolf as well.

    Why wolves? -And for both of us? What’s the significance there?


    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

      I am…very surprised (shocked!), to be frank, that there’s someone out there experiencing something similar. Wow. It’s pretty interesting, too.
      I’m sorry, I’m a bit speechless right now. o.O
      I guess I’ll have to do some research on that.

      And…as freaky as it might sound…I’m a wee bit excited.

      Well…I’ll keep you posted.

      Thanks again for sharing! Sending love! 🙂

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