This is real, people.

As I have mentioned on twitter, the local government wants to change the name of the street I live on.

At first I was a bit shocked, probably because I’m not that involved in local politics, so I hadn’t heard of the subject ever before. And because the “gathering” to discuss the change etc was yesterday evening and we got the invitation on Tuesday. So yeah. I was shocked. But having read the invitation and therefore the reasons for it, I am 100% with the government on this one.

Let me paint the picture: our little town has lots of districts, not that big of a deal. The problem is that some streets in the districts have the same names as some of the streets in our little town.

Reason one for the change, which somewhat matters, but not really: mail doesn’t arrive. The postmen and -women sometimes get the addresses mixed up – quite annoying. It has already happened to us that we had to send packages and mail to the family in the next district, because it had been delivered to us. But as I said: not that big of a deal considering…

…Reason two: ambulances (and first aid in case of emergency) get confused as to which town/district they were called. And it just so happens that that has happened to us. Saturday morning, an ambulance in front of our house, paramedics ringing the doorbell like crazy, thinking there’s an emergency – unfortunately it wasn’t us that had called for an ambulance. We had to send them on their way to the next district. They arrived on time. That time. Cause the second guy wasn’t so lucky. I don’t remember when it happened, exactly, I just remember that, again, paramedics were ringing the doorbell and, again, we had to send them to the next district. Two days later we read that the guy, who needed help so desperately, had passed away, because the ambulance didn’t get there in time.

What rational, humane person would want to keep the name of a freaking street if they can contribute to saving lives?

Apparently a fair share of our neighbors.

They are really arguing that changing the name of our street would mean loss of identity to a lot of people. Seriously? What if you get married and decide to take the name of your partner? Don’t you lose a bit of identity there, too?

They were also asking why it’s OUR street that has to have the name changed and not the one of the district. Well…because they already had to give up some of their streets’ names? They should have the right to keep at least that name. And don’t try to get me with that “our street is older than theirs”, “more people are living on our street”, “I would have to change all of my business cards”. I mean…seriously? That shit is more important than a freaking life? You gotta be kidding me.

The best thing was, though: 90% of the old people on our street, who should be the most upset, were like “yeah, fine”. It’s the young ones who are thinking irrationally.

I just can’t handle the fact that these people are all grown-ups and yet they act like children. Their defenses SUCKED. Come on…the cost of getting new business cards is more important than changing a name for the sake of a life?

I am ashamed to know these people. I am ashamed that they’re so afraid of change they don’t even take the reasons into consideration.

And all I’m thinking is: “Come one, people. These are your arguments? This is NOTHING. I was on the debate team, I could KILL you with words if I wanted to.”


Sorry. I just had to write this entry. I’m still so fired up. Gah.


Btw: nothing was decided yesterday. They got another 6 weeks to think about it. And I really don’t know what the hell is going to change in 6 weeks. Grr.


2 thoughts on “This is real, people.

  1. Ich faend’s immer cool, wenn sich irgendwas veraendert.. Wenn meine Straße umbenannt wird; ich haette auch nichts dagegen, wenn meine Stadt umbenannt wird, und ein Problem damit, einen anderen Nachnamen anzunehmen, habe ich auch nicht. Ich mag Veraenderungen. Sich mit Straßennamen zu identifizieren ist laecherlich, und da ich in einer Werbeagentur arbeite, kann ich sagen: Visitenkarten kosten echt nicht die Welt. Wenn man ein kleinerer Betrieb ist, ist das schon was anderes, aber trotzdem.. Ich bin jetzt kein großer Menschenfreund, aber Menschenleben sind trotzdem wichtiger als die Kosten fuer irgendwas.. Man verliert doch nichts dadurch, dass die Straße einen anderen Namen bekommt? Und passiert sowas eh nicht dauernd irgendwo?
    Ich haette auch eher gedacht, dass die Alten sich mehr darueber aufregen bzw. deswegen trauern wuerden, aber dass die Juengeren so konservativ sind ….. Naja.

    1. Danke. Es IST lächerlich. Ich kann einfach nicht verstehen warum sich alle so darüber aufregen, richtig kindisch ist das, wie die Angst vor Veränderung haben.
      Fremdschämen, sage ich nur.

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