North Carolina.

So…I am still recovering from this damn virus that my Dad gave me, but I’m feeling loads better. I mean…throwing up and not eating is pretty bad when you’re supposed to eat regularly because your eating habits are already fucked up…but what are you gonna do? Nothing. You just have to go with it. So I still have a bit of nausea when I eat something and I’m still super tired and…spent…but I’m getting better.

And I went to see my psychiatrist on Thursday which is always something I…well…kinda fear. I don’t know why because I’ve been seeing him for quite some time now and he’s really a cool guy. It’s…it’s probably because I am terrified of myself, you know. Because I can’t quite trust myself and because I know what I have done to myself in the past and I’m terrified of admitting I’ve done something wrong or…ah…I don’t know. It’s difficult.

Also: the guy with the dog replied to my email and asked if I was still interested! At first I thought it’d be super cool but then I got thinking…what if I fail? So I wrote about my concerns on twitter and Mel totally talked me into doing it (thanks, hun!), so I went ahead and told the guy I was willing to meet up! Now I’m super excited for tomorrow cause I’ve seen the dog and he’s super cute and I really hope I get along with the owner and…yeah. I’m excited. And kinda terrified. Because I’m breaking out of my shell or something. Let’s see how it goes, hm?

Yeah. That’s pretty much all for now, I think.

I’ll let you guys know how it went. 🙂


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