South Carolina.

So I was actually going to publish this…

Okay….So I decided to take a break from a conversation I am having on twitter, to write an entry on here.

Yesterday I went to see to dog guy and, of course, the dog and it went actually really well. But I was fucking terrified, I gotta tell you. I was more terrified than I was before my exams or something. I mean…I knew what was going to happen at the exams but…yeah. I had no control whatsoever over the situation yesterday. Which definitely freaked me out. It freaked me out to the point where I ate the night before because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat before the meeting and because I couldn’t really sleep anyway. I passed out waaaay past midnight…but yeah. Sooo…I got ready to leave on time and I arrived on time at the…house. Whatever. I rang the doorbell and he let me into his apartment. We said hi and I introduced myself again and the dog was behind the kitchen door, super excited to come and greet me. When the owner opened the kitchen door, the dog came jumping and was excited to greet me. The owner then put the leash on and we went for a walk. Everything went pretty good – aside from the fact that the dog wants to greet anyone by jumping their throats! (He’s too young.) ย ๐Ÿ™‚

After the walk we went home again and the owner showed me where he keeps the dog food and how I’m supposed to feed him and everything. And then I went home.

I was so very excited to tell everyone how great it went and how happy I was that it worked out in the end. I even told Mrs. S about it. ๐Ÿ˜€

…but right now I don’t feel like it. At all.

I had another date with the dog and the owner yesterday morning and everything went well – again. But after I had said goodbye to them I felt like crying. I was literally fighting the tears…as I was leaving the street they live on! I am still feeling so shitty I can not believe it.

It’s not even about the pressure that I’m responsible for a living soul, no. It’s also about the fact that I’m freaking behind on my studies and that I will have to work at least 5 hours a day to catch up on everything.

Oh man…the owner was so happy someone was going to look after his dog. And I was so happy that I was going to have someone to take for a walk. But…I don’t know. He’s depending on me. Kinda.

Shit. What am I going to do?



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