Dear Mel…

…this entry was actually supposed to go up Thursday evening to make sure you could actually read it. But, of course, something went wrong with the upload – as it always does when you need something to work. Mhm.

This is just a quick letter to let you know I am here and I support you.

You made an important choice, that’s for sure, but I mostly think it’s a very strong choice. You always tell me I’m strong when I’m struggling with self-harm, but I actually think you’re the strong one. ❤

Choosing to seek help not only by going to therapy but by deciding to stay at a clinic is so very strong. And brave.

I wish I could come and visit you every other weekend, just to take a walk, maybe. Or to have cupcakes and tea. But unfortunately that’s not possible so I just wanted to let you know that I’m still there for you, even though I can’t really be ‘there’. You’re not alone.

I’ll even write to you everyday, if you want me to. 🙂


Love you so very much.



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