Melting. Already.

First off: the @WeissGoldsteins replied to me on twitter! How freaking awesome is that?! *fangirl moment*

For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about: Jill Goldstein and Nikki Weiss-Goldstein, the couple representing marriage on season one of The Real L Word.

I have loved and looked up to them since I first saw them on the show. So very beautiful and accomplished women, sharing their lives and loving with all their heart. And now they’re pregnant! So happy for them!

It’s…I’m in awe. And it really, really made me feel special when they took time out of their day to reply to one of my tweets. I love you girls!

(If you want to know more, check out their youtube channel WeissGoldsteins, where they upload their ‘FlipFridays’, little clips of them, just living their lives, filmed with a flip.)



Now: Hi!

As you might’ve guessed, this is a new entry.

I’m sorry, guys. I am a cranky bitch. This weather is absolutely KILLING me. It’s barely the end of May and I’m already melting. I need rain.


It’s really rubbing me the wrong way.

Anyways…I just wanted to tell you a little something about the past weeks, what I’ve been up to etc.

Let’s start with me actually getting back to work. That’s right. This bitch is working her ass off, studying and translating. 🙂 And while it’s super exhausting, it’s also really, really rewarding and it just feels really good. I mean…I am not back in shape yet, but it’s going very well.

In the last weeks I also spent a lot of time with the fam. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were really great, I made both of them smile real big – I got orchids for my Momma and I made Dad his favorite: cinnamon rolls. So that was a lot of fun.

I had two great therapy sessions and I started Tai Chi yesterday! (One of those DVD courses you can do at home.) It’s a lot of work but it feels amazing. Yes, I am referring to both the therapy and the Tai Chi.

I am also on goodreads now, which is a whole lot of fun, too!

But of course there have been days where I didn’t feel like getting up…black days, basically. Mhm.


Well…that’s it for now, I guess. I’m still so excited because of the Nikki&Jill reply, my thoughts are running amok!

I’m sure I missed talking about a lot so I will talk to all of you soon. (Well…as soon as my thoughts start to slow down.) 🙂



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