Vacation time.

Oh boy…I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever! Probably because I haven’t, right?

So much has happened. I don’t even know where to start.

I mean…you have possibly already heard of my father’s short trip to the hospital 2 weeks ago because they – well..his doctors – were suspecting a liver abscess, but they found nothing, so they released him again. Thank fuck. But he was sick Β 10 days in total. Which totally sucked because my sister suffered a ligament rupture during soccer practice when she was fouled. In the same week my father got sick. Awesome, huh? So she went to the hospital as well and they prescribed pain killers and also an ankle brace. But she was definitely recovering faster than my Dad! She went to get it checked again today and they said it’s healing very nicely and that she could start trying to walk again – on crutches. But still.

Of course those incidents completely threw me for a loop, because my Mom was working more, trying to put in a few extra hours and I had to do twice the work in the house and care for the ‘invalids’ and then my brother had his kindergarten ‘goodbye party’ because he’s going to start school in the middle of August, so that was also something I had to prepare a cake for and then he was home for two days because they had cleaning days at his kindergarten. Oh boy…I tell ya.

I was so freaking exhausted I could not even go to the concert I had been waiting for for years. I was so disappointed and cried for hours. I also wrote a blog entry on it, I think. But yeah…

But we’re leaving for vacation Friday night!

The whole family is going and we’re taking my Grandparents (my mother’s parents) also!

Usually I’d say: ‘No thanks. You go without me!’, but I figured that that might be the last vacation with the whole family for quite some time, so I said I was coming.

I plan on taking my laptop to do some translating work, though I probably won’t have any internet connection. I’m taking my phone, though, so if you need me, you can text. I’ll try to check twitter daily, but I’ll have to use my mobile internet connection so I won’t be online as often. Just so you know.

But I’ll really use this vacation to catch up on my studies (taking my exercise books with me!) and my translations and I really wanna make a habit of going for a run every morning.

Oh, I didn’t tell you where we’re going, did I? Haha. We’re driving up north – Norddeich, Norden, Norddeutschland. We’re like…right by the sea. Just behind the dike. So I really hope I can go for a run along the coast every morning. Crossing my fingers! πŸ™‚

Yup. Also: We have rented this house that’s like…semi-detached, but we rented both halves. Does that make sense? πŸ˜€ One half is for my parents and my two siblings, and I’ll be living with my gramps and gramma, so it’ll be just like I’m living on my own! Yes! We’ll see how I like it. Even if I realize I don’t want to live alone, I can still start a flat share with Mel and her GF. πŸ™‚

Oh well…We’ll see.

I really hope this vacation’s going to be relaxing for everyone. It’s the first one in years and we could all need some fresh air and room to breathe.

I’ll take some photos for you guys, too.



Yeah. That’s about it, I guess.

I’m feeling a lot better now, you guys. I missed this. know…typing what I feel. I might even keep a little vacation diary and share it with you after.

I’ll be gone from Saturday 14th to Saturday 21st.


That’s it for now. See ya.


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