Too excited?

Boy, I didn’t think it was gonna be this bad!

My stomach is in a knot and I might even get (this might be tmi so don’t read if you’re afraid of that) diarrhea.

I hate when this happens. I mean…my stomach is upset enough or…easy to upset…on its own, but every time something big is gonna happen it gets overly excited (‘something big’ can actually be something small. Like meeting friends or something.) . And I mean in a really, really bad way. I get nauseous and a bad stomach ache and I don’t wanna eat, which, as you know, isn’t the best thing for someone who’s eating schedule is out of order because of an eating disorder…

I mean…we’re not even leaving Germany. And we’re going by car. And everyone’s gonna come. I’m not gonna be alone or something. So what’s the big deal?

Ugh. I hate this.

Someone know any home remedies?

Maybe I should try the rescue drops…they helped really well when I had my driving test. Mhm.

Yeah. That’s basically it. Just wanted to rant.




2 thoughts on “Too excited?

  1. So geht es mir auch oft, wenn irgendwas ansteht, was mich nervoes macht, positiv oder negativ.. Das hab’ ich auch oft, bevor ich meine Freundin nach langer Zeit wieder sehe, echt unpraktisch D: Und wenn man in den Urlaub fahren will, sowieso.. Meine Aerztin hat mir solche Hefe-Kapseln empfohlen, die man, bevor der Tag X kommt, schon 1x taeglich nehmen soll, zur Vorbeugung.. Es sei denn, man hat schon irgendwas mit dem Bauch, dann oefter.. Kann dir aber nicht sagen ob das hilft, habs bisher noch nicht so gemacht D:

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