Healing Heart.

Just a quick update on my sanity and my rabbit’s health.

We went to the vet this afternoon for one final appointment and she (a different doc, but the same one as yesterday) said that Goldie is definitely on the road to recovery, which is a visible improvement to yesterday, where she wasn’t over the hill yet and a big freaking improvement to Tuesday, where the other vet wasn’t even sure she’d make it through the night.

But she did and she’s finally feeling better, moving around in her little laundry basket (that we filled with hay to be able to  take her into the house under observation), her ears are all the way up and she’s drinking her water and eating away on her hay and she definitely looks not sick anymore. And the vet said that the gas definitely passed and that her stomach went almost back to the normal size and that she was breathing properly again.

We can also start to give her her usual feed again tomorrow – just not the vegetables and fruit in it, we’re supposed to take that out – and then only start to feed her veggies etc the next day to take it slow. We’re also supposed to keep giving her the meds until we used all of it up.

But she’s definitely gonna be fine again. Phew.

We were in luck this time, thank fuck.

I’m feeling better, too and we’ll all be able to sleep better soon, I’m sure.

The only one who’s still feeling poorly is Lucky because she misses her sister, so we decided to get another laundry basket ready, so we will put her in that and put the baskets next to each other, so they can smell and hear each other, but are not together in one cage yet.


Thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts our way. I really appreciate it.



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