As I said in my last article, I will now provide you with a list of great organisations that I support and I would love it if you checked them out.
Even if you’re like…”I don’t even know this girl and she wants me to give to charity as a birthday present to her” – please reconsider and think twice about it – don’t give because I want you to, give because it’s good for the heart.
Also: given the fact that money is tight these days, don’t feel obligated to give money – even if you’re being spammed with ads and emails, asking you to give to this charity and this organisation and so on. Most of these people are grateful if you support them by sharing their links on facebook or twitter or other social media sites to raise awareness and to give them the chance that their message reaches people who might have enough money.
Alright, here goes:


The Trevor Project

– It’s a non-profit organisation in the US, dedicated to providing crisis intervention and preventing suicide among LGBTQ youth via their 24/7 hotline 866 488 7386! Two of their big supporters are Daniel Radcliffe and Tyler Oakley (but there are many more)! Check them out here and if you want to: donate here.



– They’re a US non-profit organisation bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries all over the world. All donations go directly to water projects. Check them out here and if you want to: get involved (or donate) here.

– Fighting for equality all over the world, this organisation is very close to my heart. Find out why you should join the movement and check them out here and if you want to: donate here.



German Organisations 

TelefonSeelsorge – a hotline dedicated to help in crisis situations. Call them whenever you need someone to talk to! 0800/111 0 111 · 0800/111 0 222  Check out their site here and if you want to: donate here

WeisserRing – for crime victims, their site also offers all kinds of information on the matter. Hotline 116 006. Check them out here


And let’s not forget: your local food bank, homeless or animal shelter. They’ll gladly accept monetary donations, but you can also help them by donating food or water (or hygiene products) – maybe you bought a packet of pasta too much or you can spare a tin of cat food per month?


Anyway…that’s it. I’d really love it if you check these sites out. Like I said, you don’t have to donate, it’s enough if you just give them a shout out on facebook. 😉
Thanks for reading and staying till the end of this entry. I really appreciate it. ❤



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