Feeling the LOVE.

While I’m sitting here, watching the last minutes of my birthday pass, I just wanted to write a quick entry to THANK ALL OF YOU who have been following me on twitter and my blog and I would like to share the love I received today.

I had a lovely day (though I could have done without a few people), but I got some really great presents and loads of messages on twitter and facebook and one of my best friends even came to visit me! That was so very awesome, thanks @ansicht0!

Yeah…so. I’m not going to get into detail with the presents now, because it’s mostly money (because – and that might sound greedy but I don’t earn anything so – I can really use it) but I love my aloe vera plant that I got from my sis and I got some beauty items from my mom and dad and bro and I got a gift certificate from my favorite piercing place, so that’s great too…and yeah…mostly I’m happy that all those people came to see me (and eat cake haha)…though I really missed my other Grandfather and his eh…girlfriend? It sounds weird but oh well…Yeah, so I really missed them today, I should probably go and visit them, the last time was almost two years ago. :/

But…yeah. I’d really like to share some love, so:




Thanks so much, guys, especially those of you who I know personally. ā¤


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