Vacation in Pictures.

Somehow, I didn’t really like the draft of the entry about the family vacation, so I deleted it. I then decided I would just put up an article with some pictures, to give you an idea of what we did. I will also probably add some explanations to the pics, so you’re not completely lost, but I somehow feel like it’s been so long and…frankly I don’t have the nerve to type a full-on entry about it and I don’t think I will in the near future. So…have fun looking at the pics! (By the way: these pictures are not in any kind of order. And: they’re mine. I took them.)

This is the head (and mouth) of an almost 20 meter long whale skeleton we saw at the Waloseum – it was colossal and quite frightening to stand in front of or under. In the upper right corner you can see a human skeleton in comparison. (Also: they used the skeleton of a stranded, dead whale.)
I took this picture (without any kind of ‘Blitz’ haha) at the rescue station where they care for abandoned seal pups. So cute!
Another trip to the beach to see the sunset.
Metal cross in front of a huge and incredibly old tree.
Of course, I had to draw a triad in the sand. 🙂
Water and Sky
A shot I took while the sun was setting.
This is a picture I took in the dunes when we were on our way to the water to see the sun set.
This is some kind of sculpture we spotted when we went to Greetsiel a few years back on our first trip to Norden. We took a family pic in front of it and we had to see it again this time.

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