BED:S (9) – Well, that was a fail.


That’s all I can say about scheduling uploads for the past few days. They were supposed to go up every evening at 9, but apparently they didn’t. So: FAIL. Get to it, wordpress, and fix that! Quite disappointing.

Oh well.

I’m really too tired to care. I have had the worst nightmares last night and the night before. *sigh* And most of the time you wake up, right? You might be totally shocked when you wake up and in total distress, but you wake up, right? I didn’t. It SUCKED BIG TIME.

You might also have noticed my short twitter absence. And that’s when it’s really serious- when I’m not on twitter. Cause I love that little birdie, I really do, but when I don’t even have the strength to scroll through the past tweets, which I usually do every morning, then you know (and I do, too), that it’s seriously bad.

The worst thing, though? Now that I can’t do, well, anything, because I’m too tired, I think too freaking much. Every issue that I have right now, whether it’s my desire to move out, or get a job, or even visit my grandpa again, everything gets so much louder in my head. It’s screaming at me! I don’t know how much longer I can take it before I break down again.

I’m gonna go, upload the quotes by hand now, and then I’m off to watch some Bones or something before bed.




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