Fun and Tragedies.

So I was just watching TV with my parents and my sister and ‘Supertalent’ was on. It’s basically a talent show…everyone can audition, with every talent they may have – throwing knives, training dogs, dancing, singing, whatever. And this guy comes on, saying he has a secret, but that he won’t say anything about it until after his performance. And boom, they go to commercial – but first, they were showing what was coming up, his performance etc. and the voice-over guy is like…’he’s here for fame, the fame that was his all along’. And my mind starts racing…stories are forming in my head faster than I can actually type ‘stories’. I turn to my parents and go: ‘I bet he’s a singer and never got credit for a song he sang…like a ghostwriter. He did something he never got credit for. They just erased his name, took the recorded song and never spoke of him again.’ And my parents are looking at me like ‘seriously now? Aren’t you being a bit dramatic’, so I’m saying ‘I’m telling you…bet he did Milli Vanilli or something.’ In the mean time, they’re back from commercial and the judges are chit chatting with the guy, asking him if he was a musician and if his secret had anything to do with it and so on. And he answers ‘yes, and you will actually know what it is when I start’, so they start playing the music and we hear the first few notes and my Mom turns to me and says: “You were joking right?” Because what we actually heard was the freaking Milli Vanilli song. He ACTUALLY was the freaking guy who sang that damn song. He was the voice of Milli Vanilli.

And I go: “I was thinking that he never got credit for something that he did though the part about Milli Vanilli was just a joke, but…I love how my brain works! It’s fantastic!”

And we all had a fantastic laugh. It was awesome.


Soo…I wanted to write about something else, something sad that happened yesterday, but I can’t talk about that yet. I tweeted about it yesterday night, but…I can’t. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.

Have a good night! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fun and Tragedies.

  1. I was talking about something similar to someone the other day… like when you hear which song is playing on the radio before you actually turn it on. I think some of us have super powers that we are not aware of.

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