My mother (aka the biggest killjoy ever) in action

We just got back from Frankfurt/Main, where we went Mythmas present shopping. My sister got something for herself and her godmother, my mother got something for herself and then I also got something for myself – make up. We went to Douglas and I had someone from the MAC booth help me choose a foundation and a concealer. We got everything, paid and went our merry way. Everything fine so far. We’re having good conversations and laugh a lot.

We went on to look for a few things my mother wanted and stuff that my sister had seen that she wanted to try on…I’m sure you know how it is – shopping for the sake of not buying everything, but looking is definitely appreciated. Ha! 🙂

We had froyo for the first time (YUM!) and looked at accessories…

It’s 5 hours later and we’re getting in the car, done with shopping in Frankfurt, very content with what we bought, not so content with the money we spent, but still in a good mood, still laughing a lot.

And I have to say, before I go on, that I really am thankful for my mom taking us (my sister and me) shopping and just having a girls’ day. I realize that gas is expensive these days and not everyone will gift themselves or their children with a 1-hour-long drive. I do know that. And I’m thankful for all the other things my mom does, too. My father as well. They support me whatever I do etc.

So, we get home, unpack all the stuff we got to remove the tags and so on, and my Dad wants to know what we bought; Mom tells him, no big deal. We talk about our day for a few more minutes, until my mother grabs my make up and sits down with Dad and proceeds to open the boxes. And I’m like: “please don’t do that”. My mother just looks at me like ‘what is your problem’, shakes her head and says: ‘I just wanna show your father’.  So I ask her not to open it.

For two reasons. One: there’s bacteria everywhere and you don’t wanna go around opening your make up items for fun and thereby letting all the germs have a party on your powder/glitter/whatever it is. Really, who would want to put all of the bacteria on if you can reduce it? And it’s not like it’s something that goes on after a primer or something, no, it goes on your actual skin (in most cases). So that’s reason number one. Two: I’m a very careful person when it comes to my possessions whether it’s books, cds, make up. I take really good care of it all, because it costs money, sometimes A LOT of money. And I don’t care if I bought it, or someone else bought it for me, I take care of my stuff and I wanna be the first to open/read/use/listen to/etc. it. Example: Whenever I buy/get a new cd, I always wait until I can listen to it alone, which sometimes takes days- I also want to listen to the complete album, to get the feel for it. And only after I put the songs on my MP3 player or PC. I want to experience the music. And I store it in a safe place for a cd, don’t put it where it could get wet or too hot etc. You get the drill. But what I really wanna say is: I take care of my stuff and I use other people’s stuff with the exact same caution. AND I expect people to do the same – I don’t think that’s wrong or asking too much. It’s good manners to treat something from another person as if you where doing an open heart surgery. Seriously.

So…my mother did not even acknowledge the fact that I asked her to please let me unpack it and to not open it. I specifically said that I, myself, didn’t even open it yet and that I want to be the first to do it. But no, she goes ahead and opens it. At that point, I’m thinking ‘okay, maybe she didn’t hear it or didn’t understand’, so I tell her again, louder this time. I also tell her to be careful because the powder could break. She doesn’t even care. And then she even opens the freaking product! And I’m like “hey, I told you I didn’t want you to, why did you do it? I want to be the first one. I didn’t even have a look. Can you please just pack it up again?” I am furious on the inside, but keep my anger hidden and only raise my voice again. My father is already saying things like..’please, just let it go, she doesn’t want you to open it’. And then, which infuriated me the most, after she packed everything up again, she comes over to where I’m sitting, hisses ‘here’ and smashes both packages on the freaking table. I mean…HEL-FUCKIN-LO? What the heck is your problem? You go around playing with my stuff and get bitchy when I ask you to stop? EXCUSE YOU?

GRRRRR. Makes me so freaking mad. The best part is, that it’s supposed to be a Mythmas present and that she didn’t even wanna give it to me before Mythmas, that she wanted me to wait and not use it. And then she just goes ahead and opens my stuff?

I would never ever just take other people’s stuff and use it (or whatever) without asking. My sister does that quite often and it is so annoying. So…what the hell? Man, I’m so angry right now.

I mean…it’s not like I didn’t say anything at first and just yelled at her for grabbing my stuff, no.



So angry.



Tell me…am I overreacting?



Aside from that….today was kinda good….the last few days sucked. Really, really hard. I did not really sleep, couldn’t eat properly (paying the price for that right now- upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea- ugh). 😦

Anyway. I hope you had a great weekend so far and have a nice Sunday! See y’all soon.


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