I love you, Grannie.

My first post of 2013 is going to be a sad one.

My Mom just told me that my great-grandma passed away this morning. This is a letter to her.



I know that we didn’t always agree on things, but I still loved you.

I know that your childhood and teenage years were different, because the times were different and that you had kind of ancient views on raising kids and family life, but I still loved you.

I know that you hurt all these years, because you missed Grandfather so much and I know that that is the reason why you got weird, but I still loved you.

I know that I haven’t been to see you in forever, but I still loved you.

I know that you hurt, because your children hurt and because so many people who were near and dear died in the past years.

I know that you didn’t wanna live too long because you saw Grandfather suffer, but it still hurts.

I will always remember you as the best blueberry pie baker in the world, the woman with the tiny coffee cups and plates that all of your great-grandchildren played with – including me -, the awesome grandma who lived in a castle (she really did live in a castle…with uneven stairs, connected attics, cold stonewalls, old windows…), the woman who always saved all the money she had left and gave it to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The woman with hair as thick as mine, though it got thinner and white with age.

I love you, Grannie. ♥


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