Probably the worst days of 2013 (and a little rant)

As you all know, my great-grandma passed away on January 4th. The funeral was on the 18th. When I find the strength, I’ll write about it, too. But right now I don’t feel like it at all.

But as if that wasn’t enough, my family spent the days after throwing up and being sick, because my brother brought home the stomach flu from school. Fun! (NOT!)

Yeah. It was awful.

Which probably makes these past few days the worst days of 2013. So much shit just pouring down on us…Grr.

And now that we’re all feeling better, my mom suddenly turn into a bitch. I hate when she does that! She gets all sassy (and not in a good way!) and completely loses her ability to reason. ARGH! I could just…kill a pillow or something.

So that was my little update. Hope you liked it!

No, just kidding. Even I don’t like what I just concocted. It’s pretty poorly written and not saying anything at all. I just…I don’t have the strength right now. I still feel weak from the flu, and the sadness is weighing me down and it also hit me yesterday that it is 2013 and that I will lose my ‘income’ (the little bit of money I get for my tutoring lessons) in just a couple of months and yeah…Yay for existential crisis mode!



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