Calling all the #Fervid and #FoQ / #FisicaoQuimica fans!

Hey guys!

If you’re used to my regular blogs, you’re very welcome to stay, but if you don’t ship #Fervid or aren’t a fan of #FoQ, you might want to leave because it’ll be boring for you, I’d imagine.

To everyone who came here because of the tags, hashtags etc: welcome! I hope you have a nice stay! (Haha, just kidding.)

Let’s get serious, though. I need your help. I recently started watching #Fervid and not only got hooked on those two, but the whole show as well. Trouble is, there are almost no videos with English subtitles to watch on the internet. So I was thinking…maybe there’s someone out there who’d like to help me translate the show and upload it? And if not the whole show, then David and Fer’s story, at least?

Of course there are a few problems that come with my plan.

1. I do not own the show. I researched and found it on DVD for sale on eBay but it was..well, quite expensive. (70£, to be exact.) Which is obviously too much for me. Maybe you can download it somewhere, but this is where problem 2 steps in >>

2. I only speak very little Spanish. I’m studying, but it isn’t nearly enough.

To sum it up: we need the show and someone to translate. You wouldn’t even have to be fluent in English, because I am and would be able to do the subs with your translating skills.

We could totally make a group project out of this as well, if more people are interested or wanna help…but…yeah. I think it’d be an awesome addition to anything that’s floating around the interwebs already. So far I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the show (you always feel like you’re missing something) and not even with subtitles or translated.

Soooo…if you have any ideas on the subject, please do tell. I’d appreciate the help. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Calling all the #Fervid and #FoQ / #FisicaoQuimica fans!

    1. That would be absolutely amazing! 😀
      I’m so happy right now! Been looking for someone to work with me on this for quite some time now.
      Can I reach you at the e-mail address that you submitted when you wrote the comment?
      If so, I’d write you an e-mail in the next couple of days, if that’s OK? To work out the details and maybe get to know each other a bit better? 🙂

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