Why my eye doctor is the coolest – and other updates

So I went to the ophtalmologist on Monday, just for a routine checkup, and this doctor is a riot. And I mean that literally. A few years back, when I first went to see him, I was wearing a Metallica shirt – and he immediately recognized the logo and started a conversation. I mean…how’s that for an awesome doctor!? We talked about concerts and favorite albums and so on.

This time, and I hadn’t even noticed, I was wearing a Slipknot shirt (my Paul Gray memorial shirt, to be exact). And…if you listen to music like that you probably already know that not many people find the masks very appealing and most of the time turn away or make some comment. And most of the time, if you talk about the music, people will look at you funny. And they would probably run if you let them listen. I mean…you either like it, or you don’t. It’s that simple.

But people get easily scared of the unknown. And they rarely get flirty if someone wearing a shirt with a rotten face on it is approaching them. Unless, of course, they like that sort of thing.

So…what I’m trying to say: people, when they see me wearing these shirts, tend to turn away or, sometimes you can see it in their eyes, get sick.

But my doctor was actually getting really excited about my shirt. He was looking at it the whole time and then finally (after a few uncomfortable looks at my chest area) asked if I was wearing a Slipknot shirt. Which is quite neat, actually, since only Paul’s mask is on the front and no band logo. When I told him yes, he immediately dove into a conversation about the bands he listened to in his ‘wild years’, as he called it. He was talking about System of a Down and how he liked Toxicity best and if I had ever been to a Slipknot concert and…yeah. It was pretty freaking awesome.


Aside from that, I went to Dr. W last Thursday and he changed up my med plan because I hadn’t been sleeping at all (almost). So now I’m taking a higher dose of one med in the evening and less in the morning. Which is currently kicking my butt, that new schedule, because that is probably the only medication that ever really affected my body. And oh my, does it slap me in the face. But I can definitely say that it has already helped me sleep better. So it was worth the try. 🙂

I am also still coping with that TV show character’s death. Really slit my throat, that one. For now, I have stopped watching the show and am watching something completely different because I just felt like I needed…some distance. Will keep you posted, though.

Yeah, I guess this is it right now. See y’all soon, guys!

Thanks for sticking with me, I really appreciate it!


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