Why I cannot bear hearing someone scream.

I’ve never really talked about it, but I’m very sensitive when it comes to loud things. Not music or anything like that, no.
Fights and arguments.
Screams of pain, sorrow, mourning.
And not just in real life. Movies, TV shows, audio books, too.
The good thing is; I can tell myself these aren’t real.
Which makes real life so hard.
But why, one might think.
Because I hear these kinds of terrible screams in my dreams every single night. Sometimes they’re memories, mostly they’re scenarios my mind makes up, though. Just like last night, where someone near and dear was being tortured. Or the night before where some stranger’s wife had been riddled with bullets.
And that is why.

It just hurts too much.
Having to live through it in my dreams and in real life is too much.
It takes my breath away.


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