July 10th, 2013 – Update

Hi guys!


So I know I’ve been missing for a long time. Of course there were the occasional quote posts, which I really love to do, but a ‘real’ update…haven’t done that in a while. And there’s actually quite a few things to update you on.

For one thing, the family reunion and getting back together with my grandparents has been going great. Sure, it’s still really tense, but at least we can openly talk about all the grandparents openly at the dinner table again. My grandma even came to my sister’s graduation! Which I really thought was great because she wasn’t there for mine.

And while we’re on the topic of my sister’s graduation…it was really great. All the kids were really happy and I got really emotional as well. Because I wasn’t mentally present at mine (you might remember; my best friend was in a coma), it kinda was like a second graduation to me and all the memories flooded my mind and though it was really, really difficult because of all the distress I was in at that time, it was still nice to remember the moment I got my certificate and so forth. So yeah. Really emotional. What also added up to all the stress and emotions that day was that I was the one who did my sister’s makeup and hair, so that was a bit of a hassle. Not that I was doing it in the first place, because I really love it, actually, but that it had to fit the dress and match her personality and look pretty for the whole day…and as you know, I’m not a professional so I was constantly worrying if it was gonna last and still look beautiful after 6-8 hours. But it did! 🙂 So that was really awesome.

And of course seeing my tutoring kids leave school and move on was cool as well, though it was pretty hard too.

Which leads us to the next stop in the storyline: I decided to put up notes all around town that I was giving tutoring lessons! Because I actually really like doing it and if I can make some money while I figure out the next big steps in life, that’d be awesome too, right? No answers to my ‘ads’ yet, though, which sucks. 😦 But I’ll get to it when it’s time.

Aside from that I finally went to the OB/GYN (and if you think that might be TMI, you probably want to leave now- thanks for reading!).

I don’t remember if I ever talked about it on here, but I constantly moan about it on twitter, so if you follow me, you might already know that I’m in serious trouble 3/4 of my cycle. I am in so much freaking pain long before my period and in even more pain during it. Backaches, headaches, severe cramps (and other stuff). And I’m usually not one who’s afraid of pain or something because I have had a lot of dental work and operations and braces, so I have a high threshold for pain. So I’m not someone who moans because of a tiny headache. But this pain…Grrr. Really, really awful. So awful in fact, that I’ve passed out a couple times.

I was like…this has to stop. I don’t want to be in pain for the next 30 years. (And if you didn’t know, I’ve dealt with the pain for about 10 years already.) And I made an appointment. I was quite nervous, although I don’t know why, because I went to the OB/GYN some time last year when I was in hospital and there was a possibility of appendicitis. So I knew what kind of questions were coming, but I was still nervous.

And let me tell you…I really shouldn’t have been. The doc was really nice and careful with his words (not like some of the doctors who straight up want to tell you there’s a possibility it could be cancer!), explaining what he would suggest and why and so on.

So what we agreed on is that I’m going on a special kind of contraceptive pill that, if the pain doesn’t get lighter, I’d be able to take for a longer period of time and skip 2, 3, 4 periods altogether so I wouldn’t have to be in pain all the freaking time. Which I thought sounded like a good idea. I’m also going back for a check up in about two months to see if there really isn’t anything wrong or something, because I’m actually worried about that, with cancer in the family etc.

Good solution, right?

But you know what? I think the fact that I walked away with a prescription for the pill kinda freaked out my mom. I mean…she knows that I’m really mature when it comes to sex ed and being in the loop on news and cancer and contraceptives and all that stuff and that I’m really mature in general (having to grow up fast kinda comes with bipolar sometimes), but I just think that parents think that when you’re taking the pill, it’s like a green light for sex. Which I totally understand…but still. I’m not only over 18 (almost 21, actually), but as I said, I’m not someone who jumps the gun and does crazy stuff. I could, but I don’t, because that’d just open the floodgates for all the crazy in my brain.

Uhm, yeah.

That’s about it, I guess.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Until then,

Thanks for reading,

– Nika


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