I’m a bit overwhelmed right now. Actually, I’m so overwhelmed, I’m near tears.

Just so you know what I’m on about:

For the longest time I have been talking to my psychiatrist and my therapist about getting back into the working world. And I know I’ve talked about it on here.

How I really want to move out. Earn my own money. Get my life back.

But you can only do so much when you’re being punched in the face by psych disorders every time you try.


It’s hard to even think about it.

But I finally did something to…well…do something about it. I wrote to the nearest RPK (which basically is rehabilitation for people with mental disorders and difficulties). They help people like me.

And yet…I feel overwhelmed.

By it all. By my situation. By the world.




6 thoughts on “Well.

  1. Mir geht es im Moment ja genau so. Aber ich glaube an dich, Nika. 🙂 Ich glaube an uns, okay? Okay. Wir schaffen das. Versprochen. Auch wenn wir länger brauchen als andere und mehr Umwege gehen müssen. Wir schaffen das.

    So much love. ❤

  2. HI, i hope you find something you really love to do; that way it wont feel like ‘work’ but a joy each day, all the best 🙂

      1. Your welcome 🙂
        Love is the key; I think the more of us that can work at what we love, will help make everyone happier and healthier.
        i will keep my fingers crossed for you finding something good soon 🙂

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