Let’s talk.

I’m going to keep this really short because I’m posting from my phone and although I’m quick, I’m actually freaking slow in comparison to touch-typing on an actual keyboard.
So. I’m still breathing. Obviously.
But to be honest… I’m a fragile mess right now.
I don’t even want to really talk about it. Just wanted to let you know I’m still here.
I’m also expecting my laptop to die every day now. Which is the second reason I’m not online as often as I used to/would like to. It’s too old to have so much crap on it, so it’s basically overwhelmed 24/7. My laptop, I mean. The only thing I do, maybe once, twice a week, is check my emails. Though I just pretty much archive them without reading. Unless it’s something important.
But…I can’t even read the blogs I usually read. Because I’m so sensitive right now to everything and everyone around me, it’s like…I don’t even know. Too much. It’s all in my head. It’s absolutely overwhelming. Which is the other reason I’m usually not online these days. Because I cannot deal with the pain.
I still have a comment from Mel on one of my posts that I have not read or approved. I will, in the future. I just…I cannot deal right now.
I will also go back and read all the blog posts that I missed so far and will write comments like I usually would. Just not right now.

Right now I have to fix this.

I hope you understand.

I will try to be on Twitter more, so no one has to worry.
But don’t expect too much.

Gotta fix this first.


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