So. Life happened.


I posted something called ‘finally’ a little while ago where I was all like ‘I’m back now, get ready, I’m gonna do it all.’

Good plan.

Obviously didn’t work though.

An update IS coming. It’s already in my head, it’s almost in my fingers, too.

But life is crazy. Not just because so much has been happening (and it has! and I will tell you!), but also because I had a really hard time the past few weeks. Breakdowns. Crying fits. Anxiety. Panic. Rage issues.

A few days ago I actually RAN out of the house because I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt trapped. I felt a panic attack coming on. And so I grabbed my music, put on shoes and out the door. I cried quite a bit on that walk.

More later, though.

Just a quick update.

I will be back. Hopefully tomorrow.

(If I can fit in writing a post between cleaning and yoga/meditation/walking.)

Until then.


PS: If you’re waiting for a mail from me, it’s coming. Tomorrow. I can’t promise that, but there you go. Sorry.


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