Blown away. (The Hobbit Part 3: The Battle of the Five Armies)

I just got back from the movies where I finally saw the last part of the Hobbit trilogy and I have to say that I am completely blown away by this film.

(No, this is not going to be a review, just me gushing about something I love. I also don’t want to spoil anything, so no mention of plot or anything else. Well, the cast, but they’re not new, so…no spoiler alerts in this one.)

One of the so-called critics of our newspaper did an actual review and he called the movie ‘dragging’ and ‘an endless goodbye’.

Personally, I could not disagree more. I never want these movies to end. They could be 6 hours long and I’d still ask for more. That is, of course, a request that is obviously not doable. A 6 hour long movie, ha. But then again…Middle-earth is just an absolute treasure to visit and I’m in awe that we got to ‘witness’ some of its history.

And the cast was fabulous. I mean…we don’t even have to talk about Sir Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee, or just as obviously, Cate Blanchett (although Galadriel wasn’t actually in the story, right? Just like Legolas wasn’t? Someone back me up!).

Then of course the dream team, Martin Freeman as The Hobbit (THE one Hobbit who went on an adventure), and as the voice of Smaug (and the necromancer!), Benedict Cumberbatch.

But I also adored Richard Armitage’s great work as Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thráin.

And Lee Pace, as Thranduil. I loved him in that role. Amazing. (And he also kinda reminded me of the Malfoys from Harry Potter, the way he shields himself from love because he seems to have forgotten about it and/or pushed it away and now fears it as something completely foreign to him. But that could just be me!)

Just as obviously, the rest of the cast was brilliant as well.

Manu Bennett as Azog, the cruel orc..uh..lord? Chief? (*shrugs* do orcs have lords? Commanders?)

Orlando Bloom as Legolas again. (Come on, who isn’t in love with Legolas?)

Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel. Gorgeous. And strong.

Luke Evans, Bard the Bowman. Amazing.

And we can’t forget my favorite dwarves!

Bofur: James Nesbitt (I loved him!)

Dwalin: Graham McTavish (Hell yeah!)

Balin: So old and wise, we could all learn from him, I’m sure. Well played by Ken Stott.

Peter Hambleton as Glóin, Gimli’s father. (How cool!?)

Ori and Nori, played by Adam Brown and Jed Brophy. Seriously, they seem like cool guys to hang out with! 🙂

Bifur and Bombur, Dori and Oin, who we unfortunately didn’t hear that much from. 😦 Still perfectly portrayed by William Kircher and Stephen Hunter, as well as Mark Hadlow and John Callen.

Fili, played by Dean O’Gorman. I LOVE Fili. LOVE him.

And Kili, one of the youngest in the group. Aidan Turner. (I have a thing for Kili. *giggles* So freaking handsome. True warrior too.)

Then Bard’s son, Bain, played by John Bell. Well done. Just…amazing.

The awesome Stephen Fry (Master of Laketown) and Alfrid (Ryan Gage), so funny!

Billy Connolly as Dain, very impressive!

Ian Holm, naturally, as Bilbo.

And Radagast the Brown, who I adore! By Sylvester McCoy.

Also, who could forget, Hugo Weaving as Elrond. Like…come on. Elvish awesomeness right there.

That’s all, I think. As far as I can remember. And I did remember. No googling! Well, sometimes for the spelling, not gonna lie. But Mister Tolkien and his mind can be quite tricky. 🙂

Yes, well.

Just by the nature of this post, mentioning all the amazing cast, you probably already guessed that I’m a tiny bit obsessed with anything Tolkien. (Especially the Elves. Yes. And the Hobbits. And…well, actually everybody. Just…Middle-earth in general. Tolkien, in general. To be precise.)

So I guess I bored you half to death which is why I’m going to go.

Thank you to the writers, director (Peter Jackson!), vfx people, costume, weapons etc and all the others who made this happen. It was an adventure. A true one.

Be kind. See you soon.


PS: I would just like to add, that honestly, yes, it went quite far from the original story at times. I was expecting that though, as it happened with TLOTR as well. But I’m not one to pick apart such an amazing movie, which it was, let’s be real. The actors were great and the storyline as well, even if it drifted. So there were scenes that..well, didn’t really happen. Fine. I said it. There. Knowing that isn’t going to change anything. Shredding an artful and overall well-done movie isn’t going to change it either. So when I say, let’s just enjoy it for what it is and relish the paradise of Middle-earth and you say, I have a right to say what I want and if I feel like picking it apart then I will, so I will tell you: you go ahead haters, I’d like to see you try. May the light of Eärendil be with you in this dark time of trial. Also probably failure.

Thank you and goodnight.


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