5 Kind Of Confessions

Good evening, people!

As promised, here is my other more personal post before I’m starting the quote marathon.

This, like yesterday’s post, is a bit different, but since we just started a new year, I thought I’d get a bit more intimate with you guys and share some secrets; 5 confessions, of sorts. That’s why it says ‘kind of confessions’ in the title, by the way, because for me, they’re not really confessions. I’m not actually afraid of admitting to them, I don’t feel guilty in any way about them, hence the term ‘kind of’. I’m not ashamed of any of these facts, however, some people might feel different. They might be offended by them or shocked or think me a bad person, which is why I kept the ‘confessions’ part. That sounds really complicated and I really hope you get what I mean.

1. I like knives. (Some guns too, mostly blades, though.) Swords, knives, axes. Or bows, cross-bows. Arrows. You name it.  >> Now DO NOT get me wrong. I don’t like them for killing or hurting anybody, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Maybe, MAYBE, for self-defense in some seriously dangerous situations, but to be completely honest: to me, it’s all about the craftsmanship. I love the look of a skillfully made Damascus blade, a carefully engraved handle. Beautiful. And I like the skill it takes to handle them. Personally, I own a bow. It’s nothing fancy, but let me tell you, you need to be FIT to handle it, which is why haven’t been able to and I really miss it. I’d love to train in sword fighting, but around here, there’s really no one who teaches it. Also, I would just like to share that I think, even if you own a weapon or have the right to own one, it does not automatically give you the right to make the call who lives and who dies. It is also not about power over someone else. There is a weird infatuation in this world with having power over others, especially wild animals. If you need to shoot a lion for you to feel better about yourself, you should not own a weapon, but an all year pass to the next therapist. Seriously, get a grip.

2. I have a list of things to remind me never to do some of the things my parents do. And I don’t mean chewing with their mouth open or some trivial stuff. I mean things they did (or still do) while raising me and my siblings, that I do not agree with and never plan to do myself. And since you often turn out like your parents without even realizing, I have a list to remind me.

3. I’m a Disney kid. I grew up with Disney movies and I would seriously choose a Disney movie over any other film (most of the time). There are some exceptions, but I don’t have to mention that, do I? Also, if you try to insult me with the word ‘childish’ or call me ‘a kid’, well then, thank you, I appreciate that. After all, that is the art of life, staying young while growing old, right?

4. I buy deodorant for men. All those fruity smells and floral aromas make me want to vomit. (“Someone told you that.” “Your deodorant told me that. It’s for men.” If you know where this is from, brownie points for you!)

5. I have never seen the last two movies in the Harry Potter series. Read all the books, seen movies 1 through 6, just not the last two. Or one, in two parts. I just could not bear it. Now, I kind of regret it, because I really would have liked to participate in the ‘mischief managed’ trend that went around the world, where people, when the film had ended, raised their wands (or hands) and said ‘mischief managed’ like a goodbye to the movie world of HP. But honestly, I probably would have broken down into a sobbing mess. People would have had to sweep me up with the strewn about popcorn on the floor. To tell you the whole truth, I still haven’t gotten over the fact that there is no new book coming, that there was an end to it. I mean…I’ve read the last book so many times already, but I always leave out the epilogue and just start with volume 1 again. One of this year’s goals is, however, to finally see the movies. All in one go, hopefully. 🙂 I mean…I do own them already. Oh, boy, there’s gonna be a house filled with tears just like in Alice’s Adventures.

Well, there we go.

What would you like to confess? Do you have secrets? Are you ashamed of them, or are you just not into sharing, like me?

And: do you also have a problem with saying goodbye to fictional characters? Or charas in tv shows or movies?

Let me know, I’d really like to know. 🙂

I will see you soon.

Be kind.


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