Seriously, Mother? Now I’m the stupid one again? Grr. Are you kidding? Just yesterday you told me off because I had said that my brother’s often numerous questions annoyed me to death sometimes. You said that I needed more patience. So today, when I’m annoyed because I just took care of him for TWO HOURS because you were chatting to your friend, and I’m telling you why I’m annoyed now, even though I wasn’t before, you actually said that I just should’ve sent him away? Like what the fuck? Yesterday you criticized me and heaped guilt onto my shoulders because apparently I can’t get mad because he doesn’t understand the situation with my illness, and today, when I’m actually trying to please you and spend time with him even though I really can’t because I’m on edge, you tell me that that was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it? What on earth, Mother? Are you being serious? And then, when I brought up the patience issue that you chided me for, you then go and reprimand me again for ‘putting words in your mouth’? What is up? What the hell is up?

No. No. No.

Fuck this. Seriously.

Now I’m crying again. And I can’t even punch anything because my arm hurts. Talk about being miserable.



4 thoughts on “Annoyed.

    1. Thank you, that’s very sweet. I’m better now, but sometimes it’s just hard to handle all these people. And in this tiny house, too! My sister is only 4 years younger, so she understands, but she still gets hit hard by puberty sometimes. My brother, however, is 14 years younger and a real whirlwind. He understands some things, but mostly just compares me to other people to to try and understand. Which will often put me right over the edge. The same edge I had been tiptoeing all day. So yeah. It’s not his fault, I know, but silly commentary by my mother usually doesn’t help. *sighs*
      Anyway, blabbering again.
      Thank you for reading and your lovely comment. ā¤

      1. No I don’t mind blabbering, I certainly don’t get that problem but mums can be annoying certainly, I’m sure he will grow out of it!! Be sure to check out my blog if you get the chance!!

      2. Yes, I’m sure he’ll grow out of it. And I’ll move out eventually, so it’s not a big issue if I keep focusing on that! šŸ™‚ By the way, I checked out your blog and it’s lovely. Honestly though, I get a bit sad reading it, because of the backdrop. I’m so jealous of your home right now, you wouldn’t even be able to imagine how much. I just love the sea and I’m at my happiest when I’m there. And you’re in Britain, if I understood correctly?, which makes me even more jealous. If you looked at me right now, you’d probably see a tiny green human. So sorry! :/ I will read on, but maybe I’ll have to leave some whiny comments because it claws at my heart. šŸ˜¦

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