New ideas and trying not to get sick.

Well, here it is, number one of the bi-annual rounds of being sick.

Twice a year, everyone, person by person, will come down with the stomach flu. We don’t get ill easily, considering both my brother and sister are still in school AND my mother works in a doctor’s office. We also don’t get ill often. Yes, maybe a bit of a cold here and there, the sniffles, yes. But full-on illness isn’t that common in our house, unless you count the things that we don’t even think about anymore, like my Dad’s bad leg or my issues. And I guess we’re lucky in that department, well, kinda lucky, at least.

But, as I said, two times a year, spring and autumn, usually, one after the other comes down with the stomach flu and it is horrible. Just a few days ago we were talking about it actually, and how it’s that time again and now here we are. First it was my brother, then my Mum, now my Dad. This time, I was extra careful to stay away from them, use the other bathroom, wash and sanitize my hands etc. So I’m hoping I won’t catch it this time…Probably will anyway, but you can bet I’m clinging to this last piece of hope.

The stomach issues I can deal with, pain or diarrhea or something, but not the throwing up. WORST THING. Ugh. So yeah.

I’ve also been violently attacked by plot bunnies during the past few days…weeks, actually and I’ve been a good girl and wrote them all down in a tiny note book. And the fan fiction work has been going really well, too. Yes for preparations! No, honestly. I’m not joking. A lot of people have these weird looks when you tell them you’re preparing things. This “ah, yes, someone is confusing preparing with procrastinating again” look. I’ve not been procrastinating, though. I’ve written new stuff to post in the forums when I’m ready, thinking about (polite) responses to rude comments (harder than it looks), renovated the blogs (!!), found new artwork, found new stories (that I still have to get the okay for, but still !!). It’s going quite well, I think. But I’ve also been careful not to overwork myself. Because I don’t want a manic state to kick into gear with full force, I’ve tried to step away from getting too involved at times. Has worked sometimes. I wouldn’t say it has worked well, though. Not by a long shot. I have to get used to it, I guess. Just stepping away at times.

I’ve also been feeling twitchy and weirdly anxious for a few weeks now. Don’t know why, but it’s uncomfortable, let me tell you. My skin is crawling. Argh.

Working has helped with that so now I’m hoping it will help me not getting sick.

But now I’m off to watch some more Marvel movies. They’re really really good.

Have a good night. Be kind to each other.



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