Dance with somebody.

A few days ago, I was looking for a song and I seemed to remember putting it on my external hard drive for…safekeeping, I guess. I did not find it on there, but I did find a bunch of songs that I loved years ago. And I realized that I still loved them when I listened to them again.

But, as I am listening to this awesome music and I am moving my body to the beat, I realized how much I miss somebody to dance with. Just…go crazy and have a bit of fun.

And then I realized that I miss a lot of people in my life. My friends, one in Berlin, the other one in Switzerland. My great-grandma, who passed away. My pet rabbit, who also passed away. Even the friends I had, years ago.

And I started to get a bit sad. And mourn the lost moments. Or even the moments I had with the people and that I had to say goodbye to.

But then I thought of Newton. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…

So I began to move again, hoping to keep moving through time. Hoping to lessen the pain of goodbyes and double the happiness of hellos.


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