With my last Quick Quotes post I hit 500 (!!) entries on this blog.

I honestly cannot believe how I did it.

When I typed my first post on here and uploaded it on April 1st 2010, I had no idea I’d get to this point. And look at that: 5 years! 500 entries!

That’s 100 entries per annum, which comes down to 1 post every 4 days, right? Approximately, at least. Look at me, doing math and all. Haha.

When I started this, it was to write some things down, help me think through my thoughts. And also to keep my friends updated. And it was because I had always liked the idea of writing a diary or journal, but every single time I bought and started one, a few days later I had already given up.

Having this blog enabled me to have the journal experience, all while being more convenient, easy and quick. Plus having an editing and saving drafts feature is always nice, ha!

But this blog has honestly become so, so much more. I’ve not only been able to share parts of my life with my friends, but also readers from all around the world. I have had the opportunity to find new things to read, to converse with amazing (and polite!) people, get opinions from guys and girls who have a certain objectivity and different experiences to report on. I’ve been able to share artwork, movies, books, music and poetry.

And I’ve gotten a bit of happiness along the way. Because writing out certain thoughts brings a kind of…solace. And I am very grateful for that.

Another great thing is that I am very easily able to go back. Read blog posts from years ago and see the changes I’ve gone through. And remembering things I’ve forgotten!

But the biggest part in all of this…is the love and support I have received from both people who know me and those who don’t.

My dear readers, thank you so much. When I started this, I did it for myself and friends I have in my real life. I did not expect to meet so many kind humans on here and I am very thankful for that.

Here’s to many more posts!


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