Birthdays, besties and betas. [An update.]


Today was my rabbit lady’s birthday. Her 10th birthday, I should add. It was so awfully hot today though, that we couldn’t really celebrate. I got her some birthday treats anyway. I also put some flowers on her sisters grave. A little bit over 6 months without her now. Still feels like yesterday. I could cry every day about it, but today was extremely hard. Sigh. It is getting better, day by day, but I don’t think the pain will ever really go. But I have Lucky, still. So I celebrated life today.

Look at her, posing. Work it! xD
Look at her, posing. Work it! xD Also, that is, in fact, me with her, awful hair and all. šŸ˜€


Yeah. So that happened. And then I had a lovely visit from my best friend, who leaves for a semester abroad tomorrow! How freaking exciting is that? I am so, so happy for him. Especially since he thought it wouldn’t work out and all the options for countries he wanted to visit unis in were gone, and then this one opened up and yay! So happy and excited for him! Even though it’s a bit sad I won’t get to see him til after Mythmas. But when he comes back, he’ll be on break for 3 whole months, so I’m definitely not complaining. šŸ˜€

Yes, well. And then there’s also this curious thing happening which includes betas vanishing and e-mails not going through. Which is really weird because everything else seems to work perfectly. And when I sent a round of e-mails, asking people if they’d gotten my e-mails in the last couple of weeks, they said that they only got this one e-mail. Also private messaging on some of the forums and sites I’m a member of doesn’t seem to work and now I’m just really confused. Could it be my internet connection? I have no idea.

Or I’m just a horrible person to work with and they all disappear because they don’t like me. :/

I don’t even know.

And that concludes the update, I guess. Not much to report on, except me burning to death in this heat and awful, bright sunlight. Not really, but kinda.

Tomorrow I have an appointment/meeting with someone who’s looking for a dogwalker, so that’ll hopefully work out and I get to earn a bit of money.

The blog post I’ve been promising for a while now is also in the works (finally!), and it’s a personal one. I’ve never really discussed this part of my life, except for maybe telling you guys that I have an eating disorder. So, uh. That’s also coming in the next few days.


Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


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