blogtober [21] |The one where I talk about a few things that you might not know about me|

There are quite a few things that you might or might not know about me and I thought I’d scribble about that in this post.

  1. I used to love clowns and then I began to feel like Ronald McDonald was watching me with his dead eyes and I didn’t like them so much anymore. And then I realized how many people have done horrible things dressed as clowns and I was (still am) terrified. There’s only one clown that I can kinda look at and that’s Clown, member of one of my favorite bands, Slipknot. Only kinda, though. Still creepy.
  2. I absolutely love baking and cooking and making myself and other people happy with it. I’m very fortunate that my Mom never ushered me out of the kitchen but instead showed me the ropes. Cooking and baking is an amazing escape to me and I just adore it. The smell of cookies or a really nice vanilla sponge or a yeast dough that has perfectly risen. Amazing.
  3. (This one goes very well with number 2) I’m a total sucker for homemaking stuff. As I said, I love to bake and cook, but I also make a lot of things for those particular hobbies at home. Like vanilla sugar or extract or growing my own herbs and freezing or drying them. However it’s not just edible things I love to make, but also handcrafted things like cards for birthdays or Christmas or decorations and the like.
  4. I have an absolute craving to travel the world. If I could, I’d travel to all the places. Unfortunately that’s probably not going to happen because I am sadly very sensitive to sunlight and heat and humidity. Which very obviously excludes various places from any kind of plan. That sucks, I have to be honest. But there are still amazing places left for me to go.
  5. I never watch trailers for movies I want to see and I never listen to songs before the album is out. But I do read a few random sentences (however little sense they might make in my mind) off of random pages before buying a book.
  6. Whenever I have potato chips, I’ll eat the broken ones first. Always.
  7. I learned how to swim during a 10-day vacation in Cala Millor (Mallorca) when I was 6. My grandfather is hugely into swimming (he’s been doing it for years, several kilometers a day) so my parents did want to teach me quite soon but it was definitely not planned for that particular vacation. We just went to the pool on the second day of the vacation and there was a girl who was trying to learn and I was like “yep, I’ll have what she’s having”, ha! At the end of the vacation I knew how to swim, she unfortunately didn’t. Oh, well, you know. But my grandfather was so, so proud. It’s still one of his favorite stories to tell about me. 😀

And that is it for today. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this post and you got to know me a bit better. I also hope you didn’t die of boredom.

Thanks for reading, see you all soon.


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