blogtober [28] |The one were people ask, I answer and then there’s the truth: personal edition|

This blog post was inspired by the awesome Jonny Vickers whose YT channel I adore, and not just for the obvious reason that he has one of the best channel names ever, “I read books in night clubs”. No, he’s very intelligent and makes intellectually stimulating (and funny) videos. His “You ask, I say, the Truth” videos are really good and are actually why this post now exists. šŸ™‚

1. Q: Have you thought about cutting your hair? A: Yeah, but…I don’t really want to. Truth: No, I don’t think about cutting my hair. Ever. I get the ends trimmed to keep it healthy, but how’d you think my hair got to be this long in the first place? Because I somehow forgot to go to the hair salon for like…13 years? So no, I don’t think about it.

2. Q: What’s your favorite sport? I mean…you should really get into something, works wonders for mind and body, you know? A: I don’t have a favorite sport. It’s not really my thing. Truth: I used to be a gymnast and I used to love horseback riding. I’m also into archery. And dance. And martial arts. It’s not actually the sport itself that’s not for me, it’s the competitiveness that comes about with it. That’s why I quit gymnastics and riding. That’s why I’ll never get far in archery or sign up for dance lessons. Because people usually want you to win competitions. And I just want to have fun and get better at it because I want to. Somehow that’s not an interesting enough proposal to them, though.

3. Q: That music is awful. Why would somebody listen to something like that? A: I just like it. Truth: Because it has everything. It has melody and life and passion and love and hate and all these other emotions and the artist was trying to say something with it. It means something. It’s not a generic song off the radio, put together by people who want to sell things. Random pieces, stuck together to make a hit. If you like stuff like that, that’s fine. But I don’t and I don’t appreciate your deprecating tone, just because it sounds different than what you’re used to. Also please do yourself a favor and look up live recordings/concerts of this artist or band and see for yourself the passion with which they play and perform.

4. Q: Have you tried…you know…just being happy? A: Yeah, well…It’s really not that easy. Truth: Yes. Every single second of every minute of every hour of every freaking day for the past 11 years. And somehow…I don’t know, maybe it was experience, I figure out that it really doesn’t work that way. At least for me it doesn’t. This is not some sort of switch. There’s no button that says “press and you’ll be happy”. And to be honest, I don’t know if I’d even press it if it existed. Newton’s Law of Motion and all that. There is really no ‘cure all’ for this. So instead of trying to be happy, I’ll keep trying to be happier. Tiny step by tiny step.


I hope you liked this little post. Thank you for reading, I’ll see you soon.






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