blogtober [31] |The one where I re-cap.|

Almost six days into November, I am here to re-cap my blogtober. The beginning was a huge fail, but even though there were some definite hiccups like not being able to write or having to write more than one (or three) posts a day, I thought I did quite good. It obviously didn’t go as I had planned since I wanted it to be a relaxed (also relaxing) experience and I often had to try and catch time. Which is very apparently something that cannot be done.

Nevertheless I am now here to report that:

  • I managed a post for every single day of October PLUS 3 additional quotes to make up for lost time PLUS an announcement of the whole blogtober deal
  • there were 2 tags, 19 (+3) quotes, 1 photo gallery and 9 personal posts

So…that’s really not too bad, I think.

And, of course, without you guys coming along for the ride, it’d only be half the fun. So THANK YOU.

By the way…I’m using NaNo as an excuse to focus on translating and working again and I plan on keeping track on this blog (well, a tiny bit, at least), so if you’re interested, you’re welcome to stick around for that as well. 🙂

Until then,

sending love.


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