New Year, new trials, new failures.

[I always try not to cry on New Year’s, but I always end up crying anyway.]

This last year was hard. Not just for me, but for people all over the world. I always try and do a year in review, but to be quite honest: all the bad stuff has pretty much drowned out all the good things that happened. I want to look forward now. I don’t want to forget, because that never works. Nor would I want to try and get rid of the pain I felt.

But I do want to live more shamelessly and unapologetically. I want to feel the pain I feel and not have to say sorry for inconveniencing someone or making them uncomfortable. I want to celebrate even the smallest successes and victories, without having to justify myself. I do want to sweat the small stuff; life is definitely too short to walk through it dissatisfied with how people treat or talk about you.

I want to read all the books on my shelf that have been sitting there untouched. I want to create and feel good about creating and not worry too much about making mistakes in the process.

I want to mourn the losses and the heartbreaks, because they should be. Because the love for whatever one has lost is still there and should be treasured.

I want to spend more time getting lost in experiencing the rain and the wind. I want to spend more time breathing in sharp, fresh air, and walking through the forest.

I want to take more pictures.

I want to fight more. And harder.

Because there will be trials and there will be failures. But there’ll be trials and victories, too, and those are really worth all of the trouble, aren’t they?


My lovely readers, may your 2017 be filled with wishes coming true. May it be filled with people who love and accept you, who help you when you need it and who celebrate and treasure you, always. May you find love, in yourself and others. May you see light that drowns out the darkness and may you find the will to fight on.

With the deepest gratitude always,





4 thoughts on “New Year, new trials, new failures.

  1. I also want you to be able to create and feel good about creating and not worry at all about making mistakes in the process; so, I giving you permission to make as many “mistakes” as you can on your way to expressing all that is in you. You are a unique creator. Happy 2017, Nike. May it be your best year yet.

    1. Thank you! That means a lot to me. Especially since a lot of people are only interested in finished products and don’t realize what a struggle the creation can be.
      Happy 2017 to you as well! Sending love. ❤

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