The Fall.

Hey. I’m Nike and this is my blog. Duh.

I started writing because I needed a place where I could just type down my thoughts. So some entries may seem totally uncoordinated. Drenched in tears. Or selfpity.

I also like to use swear words. So if you’re someone who loves to say ‘Language, child!’, then maybe you’re visiting the wrong site.

This blog is firstly for me. Secondly for my friends and family. Thirdly for everyone else.

It is about:

– everything I want to talk about.

– my life, thoughts, experiences. Duh.

– sometimes books or music. Or anything like that.

– me.

If you want to know more about me – the person (who’s scared?) -, just click here.

.: If you have any questions regarding my blog, feel free to comment or PM me. Oh: Spam makes me laugh. Hard. So feel free to spam me, too. But you won’t get a response this way and your message will most likely be forwarded to my trash can. :.