100 Facts about Alice.

100 Facts about Alice.

Totally random. Funny. Shocking. Daring. Personal.

  1. I don’t like vanilla pudding.
  2. I hate onions.
  3. I love making lists and I have one for every occasion.
  4. Buying books and music is my vice.
  5. I hate the smell of cigarette-smoke.
  6. I’m a closeted Atheist.
  7. I hate liars.
  8. Languages I know + languages I speak fluently + languages I want to learn = about 11
  9. Wherever I go (to a restaurant, for example) I have to sit in a way I can see the door and 
  10. I have to sit at a table in a corner or in front of a wall, so no one can sit behind me and
  11. I have to be able to have an overview of the entire room.
  12. I love the smell of fresh, black coffee, although
  13. I like my coffee with milk and sugar.
  14. facebook is my ultimate enemy and if I didn’t need it to stay in touch with some of my friends, I’d be gone so fast you wouldn’t have the time say fox.
  15. I absolutely love baking and cooking. It’s my safe haven. I like trying new things and perfecting old recipes. 
  16. If it’s possible for me to make something at home (and I have the time), I probably will. Especially things I can use in baking/cooking. Vanilla sugar and extract, peppermint extract, flavored oils and salts and so on and on. I adore being able to have control over the things I put into my body and cut the amount of preservatives and artificial additives. BONUS: Put the things in cute little jars and you have the perfect homemade gift!
  17. I was born in the midst of August and one of my parents’ favorite stories is that they had to go out and buy thinner clothes for my tiny body because it was so hot. But despite all of that: I’m not a summer child. I love looking at the summer sky and seeing plants and flowers in bloom, but I cannot take the heat. My body can’t take it, never could. So even though I was born on a very hot August day, at noon, I’m…
  18. …a child of Autumn. The leaves, the wind, the rain. My favorite time of year.
To be continued…

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